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Get 1500+ Keto Recipes to Feed an Entire Family With Less Than $10 of Groceries

Chicken Chile Verde Soup by Keto Flavor Fix

Feed 6-8 people with a protein-packed, keto-friendly dish like our Chicken Chile Verde.

Developed for the Kitchen Appliances You Already Have

Each of our recipes offer multiple cooking options so you can make the most of the kitchen equipment you already have. Some of our most popular cooking options include…

  • Stovetop
  • Oven
  • Slowcooker
  • Instant Pot
  • Air Fryer
  • Microwave (yes, we even have a microwave version of this dish!)

$10 Worth of Groceries Feeds 4-6 People

On that note — We’re very enthusiastic about keeping the cost of eating a ketogenic diet as affordable as possible. You’ll fall in love with thousands of recipes that allow you to feed an entire family on less than $10 worth of groceries!

Really. You can feed each person in your family for less than $2.

“I once spent $45 making a dozen keto chocolate muffins…

– Keto Flavor FIX Member

After hearing horror stories (like one of our members who tried keto for the first time and had to spend almost $50 to make 12 muffins… yikes!) we realized that “affordable keto” is a really hot topic. So we’ve been focused on developing keto recipes that can feed a whole family for less than $10.

One-Click Shopping Lists (With Grocery Prices!)

Best yet, we make shopping super easy. We provide links to the exact products in our recipes, and we have coverage for several major grocery chains. One-click grocery lists (that can even link to your shopping app if you have those!) make your grocery runs so much faster and more efficient. Plus, you can see the exact costs of a meal before you even get to the store.

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